The Institute was established on February 6, 1959 by the decision of the State Committee for Chemistry of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in the city of Chirchik of the Uzbek SSR, as a branch of the Moscow State Institute of Nitrogen Industry of the USSR (Chirchik branch of the GIAP).
    Chirchik branch of GIAP was established with the aim of providing construction sites for nitrogen fertilizer factories in Central Asia with design estimates and author's supervision to provide technical assistance to normalize existing production facilities of these plants, to introduce scientific developments and new types of fertilizers.
    Since 1960, he was the general design organization of nitrogen fertilizer factories in Central Asia:
       PO «Navoiazot»;
       PO «Electrokhimprom»;
       Fergana nitrogen fertilizer plant;
       Vakhsh nitrogen fertilizer plant;
       Turkmen Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant.
    After acquiring the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992, the Chirchik branch of the GIAP was renamed the Uzbek Scientific Research and Design Institute of the Chemical Industry "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" (UzXIITLI).
    In 1968, "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" was renamed into the Chirchik branch of "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" with the creation of the head institute "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" in Tashkent.
    In 2000, the institute "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" Tashkent city and Chirchik branch "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" were merged with the formation of the united technological institute "UzNIICHIMPROEKT" in the city of Chirchik (State design and technological institute "Uzkimyosanoatloiha").
    In 2002, the State Affiliated Design Institute "O'ZKIMYOSANOATLOYIHA" was transformed into an open joint-stock company (OJSC).