Timely provision of technical documentation for the construction of facilities and the implementation of architectural supervision of the construction of facilities



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Department of Technical Development and Project Implementation


Department of Technical Development and Project Implementation



1. The main objectives of the UTR are:

implementation of a unified organizational and technical policy of the Company to improve the quality of the projects produced;

ensuring effective implementation, coordination and project management;

improvement of procedures for interaction between structural units within the framework of project implementation.

2. The main tasks of the morning:

organization of development and design of progressive, environmentally sound, resource-saving technological processes and production modes;

ensuring an increase in the level of technological preparation and technical re-equipment in the projected new and reconstructed production facilities;

implementation of technical management of design and survey works during the design of the facility and supervision of its construction, commissioning, development of design capacities;

organization of operational control over the design process in order to perform the work in a timely manner;

assistance in the creation of new projects together with foreign partners; information support of project activities;

coordination of the work of structural units to ensure compliance with rules, norms and instructions on labor protection and safety, industrial sanitation and fire safety, development of measures to improve working conditions, preparation of materials on labor protection, safety and industrial sanitation;

providing information on the latest regulatory and technical, legal, scientific and technical, economic, ideological and political, cultural and educational materials.

3. Types of work performed in the morning:

participation in the work of the commission on the selection of a construction site, in the study of technical and commercial proposals of foreign companies, in the preparation of a design assignment;

organization of data preparation for the conclusion of a contract with the customer for development (transfer) NTD, PSD and control over the execution of the contract;

coordination of the design process across the entire project complex;

preparation of operational schedules of design objects;

preparation of tasks for subcontractors to perform the work assigned to them and provide these organizations with the necessary source data;

organization of author supervision over the construction of projected objects;

implementation of control over the registration of acts of delivery of finished products and acts of waste work;

accounting and organization of corrections of comments of the customer and construction and installation organizations on defects in projects;

participation in the work of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Company;

participation in the development of programs for the integrated development of the chemical industry and Society;

participation in the organization of work on the development of feasibility studies, technical specifications for the design of new construction facilities, modernization and reconstruction of existing chemical production facilities;

organization of periodic inspection of chemical industry enterprises in order to identify deviations in the implementation of safety standards, labor protection requirements, environmental protection and maintaining a normal technological mode of production;

organization of review and approval of technological regulations, project documentation, norms of raw materials, materials and eiergorssurs for chemical industry enterprises;

provision of obtaining licenses for the right to carry out activities in the field of execution of design and estimate documentation and in the field of design of security, fire and fire alarm systems;

monitoring of timely training, instruction and verification of knowledge of safety regulations, industrial sanitation, industrial and fire safety, workplace instructions;

preparation of draft orders and orders on occupational health and safety;

organization of promotion of labor protection and safety regulations, fire regulations;

development and approval in accordance with the established procedure of rules and instructions on labor protection for various chemical industries, as well as general technical regulations on the safety of chemical products;

provision of structural units with regulatory and technical documentation, standards, norms, rules, catalogs and contents of the library fund;

creation of an electronic regulatory and technical fund of documents for design and its regular updating;

monitoring of official changes in the regulatory and technical materials for the design, informing production departments about them.